How to Take Action

and join the conversation

Part of the objectives of creating the Imagine Nigeria report is to spark conversations and actions across all sections of the Nigerian society. As such we gladly encourage everyone who reads this report to actively participate in birthing the desired future by joining the #ImagineNigeria movement.

You can be a part of the Imagine Nigeria movement in several ways:

Download the Imagine Nigeria full and abridged report and encourage other to do so

Attend an Imagine Nigeria event.

Get personal by using any of our Imagine Nigeria social media frame online and tagging us

Follow Imagine Nigeria across our social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Share content from the Imagine Nigeria Report such as quotes, excerpts, videos and infographics to raise awareness

Create an event. Organise workshops and group discussions using the free resources available in the tools & resources section of this website

Got any more suggestions? Contact us! We’d be happy to hear from you!

“My aspiration is for a Nigeria that is very central in the world because we are a knowledge-driven economy. I imagine a Nigeria where the potential of every citizen is nurtured and harnessed in an atmosphere of freedom, fairness and efficiency.”

Mahmud Abdullahi
“I dream of a Nigeria where every citizen is seen as a human first, where all lives matter and are valuable; a country where citizens’ feedback is appreciated. I dream of a Nigeria that provides equal opportunity for all, based only on meritocracy.”

Rahila Ibrahim Ahmad
“I want to fall endlessly in love with Nigeria. More importantly, I want Nigeria to fall in love with me, first as an African woman, as a Nigerian, as a young person, as an active citizen, as an entrepreneur and as a hardworking person. Because if you fall in love with me, you will make things easy for me to thrive. Essentially I want to love Nigeria and I want Nigeria to love me.”

Ayisat Olabimpe Agbaje