Frequently Asked Questions

Why undertake the Imagine Nigeria exercise?

Exploring the future, as done with Imagine Nigeria, in the world of today that is filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) is a necessity.  Nations that want to successfully build a desired future for their population are obliged to have foresight and to be strategic in their approach.  This exercise, Imagine Nigeria, is an effort to organize a reflection on the future of our nation. It is not a plan or a visioning effort. But a process to reflect and engage the nation in a conversation about the future so we can be better prepare to build a prosperous future for all.

How was the report compiled?

Compiling the Imagine Nigeria report involved a highly participatory process that began with the formation of a High Level Panel, an international advisory team and a Technical Secretariat. This was followed by a series of activities which included surveys, focus group, interview of key experts, workshops, high level discussions, scenario construction, policy briefs, and the drafting, review, validation and final production of the report. All of these took place between September 2020 and July 2021, when the report was approved for publication.

Who selected the five pillars that comprise the recommendations in the report?

Nobody chose the five pillars, rather they were identified through the extensive research and consultations undertaken in the process of creating the Imagine Nigeria report.

Who should read this report?

This report was created for and should be read by all stakeholders of the Nigerian society. This includes decision makers in every arm of government, leaders from the private sector and civil society organisations, leaders of foreign donor/humanitarian agencies, and all Nigerian citizens by birth or adoption who wish to see and participate in birthing a better future for Nigeria.

Why should I read the report?

There are various reasons why you should read this report and we will tell you some of them.

  • You should read this report because you are interested in learning about the alternative futures that could exist for Nigeria and the five-pillar recommendations that represent the way forward for the country.
  • You should read this report because you desire to see a Nigeria with robust sectors, functioning economy and making all-round progress on all fronts.
  • You should read this report because you want to go beyond the rhetoric and wish to contribute to Nigeria fulfilling its potential to become a leader in the continent and the world.
  • You should read this report because you know Nigeria cannot afford to maintain status quo and you want to be part of the movement birthing a better Nigeria.

What are the key messages in the report?

Here you can read a summary of the key messages registered in the report.

How can I use the report?

There are numerous ways you can use the report. Please start by downloading and reading it. Other ways you can use the report are highlighted in the “Take Action” section of this website. Please visit this link to learn more.

What happens next?

We have a line-up of events (physical and virtual) for the Imagine Nigeria report that you can be a part of it. Visit the Events section of this website to learn more. The section is being updated with more events as they become available so, please check back.