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February 10
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Build Trust Imaginate (online) – Save the date: February 10th, 2023.

Join us for the dialogue on the motivations, implications and means to ‘Build Trust’ for Nigeria.

When: February 10th, 2023, 10 am-1 pm.

Where: Online (Imagine Nigeria YouTube channel).

Register here. More information soon.


Key Imagine Nigeria message on ‘Build Trust’:
Lasting positive change in Nigeria will only happen if there is trust between citizens and public institutions, as well as throughout society as a whole, with a transparent and dynamic government serving as a catalyst for transformation.


A persistent challenge that Nigeria has grappled with all through the six decades plus of its independence is one of governance dysfunction, which has had varied effects, including a considerable slowing down of the pace and quality of change and transformation in the political economy. The COVID-19 outbreak further amplified this governance shortcoming and strained the trust between citizens and public institutions. At present, there is pervasive scepticism among the masses about the will and intentions of the political class to bring about change.

As resilient societies are premised on good governance, trusted state-society relations are key to effective short-term crisis management as well as to developing a long-term recovery strategy. As such, the most pressing priority for the Nigerian government is building trust between the various parts of Nigeria’s society. Without trust, very little progress will be possible. Trust is earned through concrete actions, meaningful dialogue/enhanced engagement, and a radical approach to accountability and transparency.

But trust cannot be built by government alone, rather all segments of the Nigerian society must be involved. Also, trust is not enough to take Nigeria forward. Dynamism, innovation, and creativity must be encouraged within government and across society if Nigeria is to grasp the opportunities of the coming decades and avoid the potential crises. Governance anchored on a vision of national transformation incorporates mainstream elements such as transparency, media freedom, and the rule of law. But it must also go way beyond these to be a system of citizen empowerment, trust building, and legitimacy enhancement.

Imagine Nigeria report, chapter 8.


Build Trust Imaginate is organized in partnership with:

The Centre For Memories – Ncheta Ndigbo is a repository of Igbo history, culture and excellence. It serves to document and preserve the collective memories, identity, history and traditions of the Igbo people in Nigeria. Since its inception, the Centre has gone on to establish itself in Nigeria as a leading hub for Igbo cultural and artistic excellence.