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December 2022

Dear Imagine Nigeria Community,

As you already know, Imagine Nigeria is an invitation to all Nigerians for a country-wide conversation on the future of the nation. It is also a platform to drive innovation and change through joint action. Therefore, since the launch of our report last August, we have been working on building partnerships and mobilizing resources to bring to life some of the recommendations in each of the five Imagine Nigeria transformation pillars.

As we approach the end of 2022, we would like to thank all the people and partners that worked tirelessly not only to bring our report and tools to light but to also start implementing actions towards building a better future for Nigeria, such as the Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre, the Office for Strategic Preparedness & Resilience (National Early Warning Centre of Nigeria), the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, the University of Maiduguri, as well as the Office of the Vice-President, UNDP Nigeria and the members of the Imagine Nigeria High-Level Panel.

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Happy holidays!


Did you know you can organize a futures-oriented event or a planning workshop based on the Imagine Nigeria framework?

Imagine Nigeria is an invitation to all Nigerians for a country-wide conversation on the future of the nation. To spark conversations and actions across all sections of the Nigerian society, we created a series of tools and resources that any individual or organization can use to organize futures-oriented learning workings and action planning sessions.

If you are interested in using Imagine Nigeria as input or base for action in your community, organization or enterprise, you can start on the ‘How to Take Action’ section of our website or check the ‘How to engage’ presentation we prepared. You can also download the toolkits on how to design learning workshops and action planning sessions available on the ‘Tools & Resources’ section of our website.

For technical support and advice, as well as to request that we publish your event on our website, fill this form.

If yes, check out the tools on and/or send a message to


Next in the Imagine Nigeria agenda

Announce the hubs selected to execute key culture of innovation initiatives.

In the next weeks, UNDP Nigeria will announce the winners of a bidding process aimed at selecting convenor of innovation dialogue events in all six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. The selected organizations will also undertake ecosystem mapping and incubate ideas born out of hackathons focused on Imagine Nigeria’s pillars of transformation.

Follow Imagine Nigeria (IG: @NigeriaFutures; Twitter: @NigeriaFutures) and UNDP Nigeria (Facebook; Instagram: @undpnigeria; Twitter: @undpnigeria) to know more.


What happened during the last weeks

Organized working sessions with representatives of civil society organizations

Over 50 people, including representatives of the civil society, hubs and start-ups attended two online working sessions organized by Imagine Nigeria (October 11th and November 29th). The interactive sessions last 2h30 and target organizations interested in learning about Imagine Nigeria outputs. They include deeper dive to analyse and explore the implications of the outputs for “me”, “my organization” and/or “my communities of interest”.

Register here to receive information about the next online interactive sessions for civil society organizations.


Got the know the winners of the “New Voices” Student Essay Contests, organized by The Republic.

The Republic, a Nigerian magazine that was selected by Imagine Nigeria as partner to support the dissemination of our key messages, published the results of the national essay competition “New Voices”. Open to students in Nigeria between the ages of 16 and 25, the competition searched for original and passionate new voices to talk about possible futures for Nigeria.

The winners are:

My Ideal Nigeria: The Beauty of Standard Health Care Services in its Actualization’
by Rofiat Hamza (University of Ilorin)

‘The Romanticization of Mushin: A Larger Problem’
by Kehinde Gbelee (University of Lagos)

‘On Security and Environmental Development: Nigeria, a Peaceful Nation’
by Taiwo Akinsanya (University of Lagos)

Imagine Nigeria congratulates the winners and thanks the almost 500 participants of the competition, who represented all the regions of the country. The list with all the finalists can be found on The Republic’s website, where the winning essays will also be published.


Supported Twitter Space events organized by The Republic

Imagine Nigeria’s partnership with The Republic also included the organization of two virtual events, organized via Twitter Space. The first event discussed ‘Finessing Our Future: Imagining an Ideal Nigeria’ (October 22nd) with the authors of The Republic’s articles that discuss that five pillars or transformation in the Imagine Nigeria report. The second event was titled ‘New Voices: Meet Our Shortlist’ (November 5th) and had the participation of the authors of the essays shortlisted in the writing competition.

You can check the recordings by clicking on the links above or visiting The Republic’s Twitter.


We invite you to check…

This Ventures Africa article on Imagine Nigeria

Which interviewed our Lead Advisor, Dr. Olugbenga Adesida, and analyses the scenarios our report register for Nigeria The full article is available here.


The Daily Trust article on the discussions held during our Lead Africa Imaginate event

The article focuses on ‘How Nigeria Can Galvanise 1.4bn African Population To Economic Powerhouse’ and can be accessed here.


This short video with UNDP Nigeria’s Resident Representative, Mohamed Yahya, on why UNDP supports Imagine Nigeria.

The full video is available on Imagine Nigeria’s YouTube Channel.


For more articles on Imagine Nigeria, check the ‘Imagine Nigeria in the news’ section, available on the ‘Press & Media’ section of our website.

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