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November 2022

Imagine Nigeria

In response to COVID-19 induced challenges and the other issues such as insecurity and high levels of unemployment and poverty, the Federal Government of Nigeria in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiated Imagine Nigeria, a strategic exercise to reflect on the future of the country. The result of this exercise is a report which assesses and provides insight into how the crises facing Nigeria also presents opportunities for the country to build a more inclusive and resilient nation.

The Imagine Nigeria Report is a foresight-oriented exercise that is neither a prediction of the future nor a national plan, rather it is an invitation to all Nigerians for a country-wide conversation on the future of the nation. The report explores major trends that can shape the future of Nigeria, offers alternative scenarios to further the country’s development and provides a series of actionable recommendations to ensure national transformation. The findings and recommendations in the report came to life through a participatory exercise involving over 300 stakeholders and experts. The exercise was guided by a High-Level panel made up of eminent stakeholders across government, private sector and civil society.

Imagine Nigeria invites all Nigerians (whether in country or in the Diaspora) as well as friends of Nigeria to join the dialogue on the future and for each person to identify what role they can play in the transformation of Nigeria. Visit and join the conversation.


So far in 2022, the Imagine Nigeria framework has…

Launched the Imagine Nigeria report and website

On August 10th, the Imagine Nigeria report and its tools were launched in an online ceremony with the presence of members of the High-Level Panel that guided the Imagine Nigeria exercise.

The ultimate objective was to answer the question what would it take to transform Nigeria[.] Imagine Nigeria hopes to stimulate interest and attention around issues of innovation, green economy, trust, leadership and framing a more positive national narrative.” Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, Vice-President of Nigeria.

For more information, check the launch press release and the presentation on our website.

You can watch the ceremony on our YouTube channel.

Started using social media platforms

You can follow Imagine Nigeria on Instagram (@NigeriaFutures) and Twitter (@NigeriaFutures) and watch our videos and live streaming on YouTube (

Organized the Green Economy, the National Narrative, and the Lead Africa Imaginate events

Over 200 people gathered in Port Harcourt and Abuja to discuss the recommendations and concrete actions to drive change in Nigeria through Catalysing the Green Economy, Facilitating a National Narrative, and Lead Africa. The events were organized in partnership with the Nigeria Climate Innovation Centre, the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, the Office for Strategic Preparedness & Resilience (National Early Warning Centre of Nigeria), and the University of Maiduguri.

The Imaginate events are streamed live and can be watched on the Imagine Nigeria’s YouTube channel.

Hosted a Twitter Space discussion on Green Economy

The first Imaginate Twitter Space discussed Green Economy on September 29th, hosted by Doyinsola Ogunye (@doyin_ogunye) and Tosin Ajide (@toseennate). Seven more twitter spaces are planned over the next two months.

A major challenge facing the green economy is that people, including stakeholders who are involved in the space haven’t truly seen the value it holds. We need to move from a purely social advocacy mindset to real figures which show the massive potential for profit”.

Tosin Ajide.

You can check the recording on our Twitter.


Next, the Imagine Nigeria framework will…

Host more Twitter Space discussions on the five pillars of transformation

Follow us on Twitter (@NigeriaFutures) to join the Imaginate Spaces that we are planning to hold in October and November. Also, check out the Twitter Spaces in partnership with The Republic  on the outputs of Imagine Nigeria.

Announce the winner of the “New Voices” Student Essay Contests, organized in partnership with The Republic.

Over 400 essays were submitted for the “New Voices” contest. The Republic is a Nigerian magazine that discusses social, political and economic issues, which was selected by Imagine Nigeria as partner to support the dissemination of our key messages. Winners of the essay contest will be announced early in November. Follow Imagine Nigeria (IG: @NigeriaFutures; Twitter: @NigeriaFutures) and The Republic (IG: @republicjournal; Twitter: @republicjournal) for updates.

Select hubs around Nigeria to organize Culture of Innovation Imaginate events.

UNDP’s Accelerator Lab is partnering with Imagine Nigeria to organize Imaginate events on the culture of innovation, one in each of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. The process is now ongoing to select innovation hubs across the nation to support the to partner with to organize the Imaginate event as well as undertake ecosystem mapping, design the Nigeria Innovation Exchange, and incubate ideas born out of hackathons focused on the pillars of transformation. Follow Imagine Nigeria (IG: @NigeriaFutures; Twitter: @NigeriaFutures) and UNDP Nigeria (Facebook; Instagram: @undpnigeria; Twitter: @undpnigeria) to know more.


Do not forget to check…

The #ImagineNigeriaChallenge

Imagine Nigeria invites all Nigerians to participate in the #ImagineNigeriaChallenge across social media by sharing your vision for the future of the country and your commitment to making it happen. Check the events section of our website to know how to join the challenge.

The Republic’s articles on…

Lead Africa:
From Soft Life to Soft Power: Reconsidering Nigeria’s Regional and Global Influence

Green Economy:
Changing the Financial Climate: Catalysing the Green Economy for a Prosperous Nigeria

National Narrative:
Remembering the Past, Rewriting the Future: Creating a New Nigerian Narrative

Build Trust:
‘For the People, by the People’: Rebuilding Trust in Nigeria’s Democratic Structures

This interview on Imagine Nigeria aired by Arise News

This is an ‘all of society’ approach, it is not just for work for the government… What we really have is a free-thinking exercise that gives us signposts to the future and makes it clear to all of how we need to work together in our country to fight for the future we want to see.” Lanre Shasore, member of the Imagine Nigeria Secretariat.

The full video is available here.

This interview with Abdu Mukhtar on the Lead Africa transformation pillars of the Imagine Nigeria report.

Abdu Mukhtar is the Director of Industrial and Trade Development, AfDB, and talked to Imagine Nigeria about a leadership role for the country in the continent, “fostering a new level of regional cooperation to drive socioeconomic transformation and development in the whole of the continent”.

The full video is available on Imagine Nigeria’s YouTube Channel.


Would you like organize an event on the future using the Imagine Nigeria framework?

If yes, check out the tools on and/or send a message to

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